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Mains Water Supply and Drainage

There are two ways that fresh water can enter a property. One way is direct and the other is indirect. The way to find out what a property has is to look at the central heating that is installed. If the water in the house is heated by the use of a gravity fed system, then it is classed as an indirect mains supply. A Hackney Plumber is trained to know the difference between direct and indirect water supplies. This is due to the mains water being fed straight to the cold tap in the kitchen and a cold water storage tank in the loft. So every other appliance like the shower, toilet and the remaining taps are fed by the storage tank indirectly.
If there is a combination boiler fitted, or an unvented ‘Megaflow’ system, then this indicates that the mains water entry is a ‘direct’ feed. With this system all the taps, WC, and shower etc. are fed by the mains at mains presure direct. Hackney Plumbers can advise on water supply systems.
There are many modern homes that use a ‘direct’ system. This does have the advantage of reducing the amount of plumbing needed up in the loft, and also means that showers and taps operate at higher pressures. Great if you like a power shower. The main advantage of an ‘indirect’ system is that you are never without water if there is a mains water failure.

Water Drainage.
For a huge amount of the properties that were constructed in the United Kingdom pre 1960s their waste water is divided and allowed to drain away in two individual ways:
The waste water that discharges from the baths, sinks and the washbasins drains away into a trapped gully that is at ground level. This, then in turn will carry on and flow into the main network of sewers.
The waste water from the toilet flows seperately down into a large bore vertical waste pipe that runs straight into the sewer network.

The responsibility for the supply of the fresh water that you use and drink is down to a regional water supply company and business also. It must provide your home with clean, fresh water. To achieve this aim, the water is subject to lots of processes to guarantee it is clean and fit for drinking. This includes filtering, chlorination, with the addition of fluoride.

The Supply:
The water comes to the general public through something called a trunk mains that runs under the ground to a series of principal and local mains. Hackney Plumbers understand this system and provide a professional plumbing service. These mains are down at a predetermined depth to ensure that they cannot be influenced or directly affected by cold or vibration like a heavy lorry travelling along roads above the pipework. There used to be old mains that were made from either cast iron or an asbestos cement mix. The mains that are used today are made from PVC that you may see where new or replacement mains are being laid. They are blue in colour.

Local mains water connections are made using a special isolating valve that can be shut without the need to isolate the supply to the rest of the street or wider area. The water feed pipe runs to just outside the property’s boundary into an external chamber to a stop valve. Access to this valve is by access chamber with a cover on the top usually marked to make identification easier. The water continues towards the house in what is known as a service pipe that is usually made of a medium density polyethylene (MDPE) and continues underground until it is inside the property.
The pipework will be 750mm deep to shield it from freezing. The diameter needs to be at least 15mm but is usually 25mm and is run in sleeve as it moves under the property, so as it rises up it will be insulated again to protect it from frost. The meter is either fitted outside or inside the home. Your local Hackney Plumber has all the knowledge and skill to advise on water supply and management.


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